Project status

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Supported platforms are Linux, FreeBSD and Win32 + CygWin. Solaris should work now, too, but testing on Solaris is very time-consuming for me.

The codebase is much cleaner now, but the way the file is created is not. But that shouldn't worry the users of the package.

On the todo list are issues like improving documentation (most important) and updating to Python 2.1.

A thick binding would be very nice, but I have not yet evaluated the alternatives.

pyAda currently requires the following 3rd party software:

  • GNU make
  • on Windows: the Cygnus toolkit
  • GNAT 3.13p
  • Python 2.0
  • for creating the documentation: DocBook SGML 3.1 (you won't need this, as there is not much sense in creating the PDF, Postscript and HTML yourself if you didn't add something to the documentation)